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Thread: Server/Client setup Problem

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    Hey guys,

    I've been having a problem trying to setup two PCs on a mini LAN where one is the server and the other is the client.

    Its a university Wireless connection where the one PC is being fed the data from the univeristy servers, and the other pc is trying to receive data from the first pc.

    The thing is the first PC is running fine with the net connection, but the pc linked to it isn't getting anywhere.

    The first pc is on XP and the second pc is on Win2K. Its most likely a configuration problem, but as you've probably guessed I am not too familiar with networking and need a good guide/step by step instructions that could get both pcs working with the net con.

    I assume that because the first pc is getting all the data via the university connection that the second pc needs to be configured to accept data from that pc rather than through the uni again.

    cheers fellas

    if I've missed out any information thats required to calrify the problem please tell me and i'll post a reply.

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    Ok progress made.

    They are communicating and i can connect to the internet using pc 2 now.

    But PC1 has much better download /upload rates than PC2.
    PC2 runs the internet very slowly. I figured this might be because PC2 was using a 56k modem until recently and I had run many 56k registry tweaks. I now have configured it for ADSL and although there is an improvement, its nothing to shout about.

    Also I ran's TCP analyser and found that my RWIN value on PC2 was very low and thats what was slowing my connection. This makes sense but io have used cablenut to alter the RWIN but TCP analyser still reads it as a low value 8360 i think it was,

    Anyone know the direct registry link, or another solution to the problem?

    thanks in advance

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