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Thread: no spam email accounts

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    where can i get email accounts that does not spam for instance

    nospamyahoo accounts? i need email without the virus hackers

    invading the inbox... thanks

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    not quite sure what your looking for but I use

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    being careful what you do with your email address will help a good bit, as well using an email client with good junkmail controls. No "virus hackers" are going to invade your email and do anyting, unless you are careless.

    but an email acct from myrealbox should help avoid some extra spam and whatnot:
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    yes myrealbox is really nice choice but be ready for sudden shutdowns without prior notice.
    imo if you really want a spam free e-mail account then register your own domain name and buy a bit of server space (which is really really cheap these days). then you can get your e-mail on your own domain name.

    make 3-4 accounts on your domain name like:
    spam etc.

    now you can use your bank account for all your bank transactions, use your work and friends accounts for dealing with colleagues and friends and use your spam account for sites that require you to register before you use their services. also, ask you friends, not to register you for all those "oh-so exciting offers".
    now if you ever get spam on any of your accounts, other than the spam one, you know where to hit.
    secondly, never ever reply back to a spam mail. never click on those links saying "click here to unsubscribe". 9 times out of 10 that is just bs. it just confirms that your e-mail address is active and that you check every mail you get.
    another thing is that keep your e-mail address like your telephone number. you don't give your number on every second site you why do this with e-mail address?
    i hope you will be successful in your endeavour of spam free mail :thumb:
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