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Thread: What can you do once on a foreign LAN?

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    I was wondering what could one do once they got onto foreign LAN.
    I know that you could browse the shared folders and get any MP3s etc you want.
    But is there a way to run commands/programs on the other machine without doing anything to the other machine first????

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    i guess we know what you've been up too with your ipaq :rofl:

    you're not trying to be a bad boy, are you? :laugh:
    I've gone too far and need to move on!

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    ME? Bad? no way!:o
    Actually the interest is 2 fold.
    1. I want to know what can be done by doing it myself.
    2. trying to figure out a way not to enable some1 to do it 2 me.

    BTW I think I found something that might just work!!!!
    but its in alpha testing ATM.
    I know WHAT to do, but still trying to figure out a way HOW.

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    Beefy Guest


    Something you could do... in theory *cough cough*

    - Get Network Scanner and see what computers are on the network.
    - Run the 'shutdown -f -r \\computername' command and force their computer to shut down
    - Run Remote Desktop Connection and see if they have enabled remote desktop sharing. :)
    - Try access the default shares using the common admin passwords

    But that's all what you could do in theory. We here at TT don't approve of that at all...

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    Well after looking around in the "hacking Exposed" book, I figured out a way to remotely install VNC client with my own password!!!!!!

    BTW Beefy, I was basically tried to get another way to mess with the system.
    the shudown thing is beautiful!
    I can AT the system to shudown every 5mins!!!!! LMAO!!!!:devil win
    IN THEORY, of course.

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