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Thread: need some help with wireless network setup

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    I don't know much about networking and even less about wireless networking. Heres what I want to do: I want to wirelessly connect my broadband connection to my PS2 and Xbox. What do i need to do this. I know ill need a wireless router, but what else. I was looking at equipment and there is so much it is intimidating. Price is a factor. Any suggestions/help are appreiciated.

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    If you are going to be sharing the broadband, router is highly advisable.
    if it has to be a wireless one, there are plenty of manf. out there that make them.
    Linksys, DLink, Netgear.
    but your basic connection would look something like this

    I personally dont use consoles, so have no idea what you would need there to connect them.
    But as far as PC goes, you need a NIC card (network card), which most newer PCs come with, or sometimes they are onboard.

    I personally use the Linksys wifi router.
    Also routers usually have more than one connection on the LAN side (home network) so that you could plug in more than 1 PC into them.
    But if youre going all wifi, it really doesnt matter.

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    A wireless router or access point and a couple wireless bridges for the consoles should pretty much cover it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beefy
    A wireless router or access point and a couple wireless bridges for the consoles should pretty much cover it.
    Crap - Wireless Bridges? I'll be generous and assume you ment wireless nics, wireless bridges are designed to link networks together.

    the XBox just came out with a wireless nic.

    Wireless networking is basically the same as hardwired networking, the main difference is that you've got to tell it what wireless network to connect to (SSid) and the WEP password.

    I've tested DLink (my personal Fav), belkin & Svec - all have worked very well.

    The svec is by far the cheapest, but it doesn't have the advanced features of the other devices.

    I would go for the dlink gear, DI-614+ (22Meg - 802.11b) or DI-764 (54 Meg).
    then you'll need to get wireless nic's for the Xbox & PS2, unfortunately I don't think these will be cheap.

    The dlink gear is setup to run pretty much straight out of the box, their support is very good and it works well.

    xbox Wireless

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    goto ebgames ......they sell something for wirelss networking for your consoles.....goes for like 100$:thumb:

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