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Thread: Massive Packet Loss?

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    Some background info first: I'm using TMNet streamyx (should be familiar to Malaysians) a 512kb/s DSL service. I'm on WinXP.

    THis is my problem. When I play Warcraft on, some games I start freezing terribly. I freeze, things fast forward 2 seconds or so, then things run smooth for 2 seconds, then repeat. It's weird in that sometimes I get this problem for a few games, then suddenly in the next game I don't get this **** anymore. Then suddenly it just comes back.

    What do you guys think?

    This problem started about 1 or 2 weeks back. IT was during this time when I installed Norton Antivirus to get rid of the spybot and msblaster worm from my computer. Now that I have uninstalled it, it still doesn't seem to help. So is it just coincidence? Or did Norton do something to my internet connection to make it 'safer' but ended up screwing me over?

    Your help is appreciated. Thanks in advance guys.

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    I get similar results at different times while using a 3mbps cable connection, so I think you'll find the problem is with BNet. I've just grown accustomed to the fact that this happens when using the free service. Since I have no other problems with other sites or servers, I find it hard to believe it is my system.

    As to the Norton, I use it at all times (yes, even when hooked up to BNet) and have no issues with it. But if you have recovered from two virii, it may just be time for a fresh start.

    Just my :2cents: worth.
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