Well it's not really a modem problem but more of a problem connecting to the internet.

The error i get when i try to connect to my MSN account is something like this "Your modem is already in use, make sure it is working properly...."

Anyways my modem is working correctly and the modem isn't in use. I've gone through a troubleshooter and called MSN Tech support but that didn't help.

I also brought in my old pc to test the line .... and it works fine.
So i realized that the problem MUST be the modem, so i swapped modems with my old pc and the newer one and i stil got the same problem.

i reinstalled the modem drivers, msn, and even tried to use the standard drivers that are built in with XP but it still doesnt work.

Im guessing the problem has something to do with the COM ports but i dont know to much about that stuff so i was wondering if any of you guys can help me out and plz give me some detailed instructions if you can.

Anyways here are some specs you might need

This Shuttle mobo ----> using a p4 -2.53


and the modem is a Creative Modem Blaster V.92 PCI

This problem just started on Thanksgiving day for some reason.
ive been using this pc since march and never had a problem, this one just came out of the blue so can you guys plz help me ?!?!

thanks in advance