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Thread: stop emule uploads

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    hey this is more for people who use emule but hope sum1 can help me. since i have sympatico basic dsl i only have 2gb monthly of bandwidth. that means uploads too. using emule runs my bandwidth through the roof and i end up paying like $20 extra a month on top of what the connectiopn costs. Im looking for something that can either stop uploads all together or even better just on emule. thanks :cheers:

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    You don't want something to totally cut off uploads. Since you have a broadband connection, there is a near constant communication (both ways) between your system and ISP backbone. If you cut off all upload traffic, your ISP will think you are not connected and cut you off.

    And besides, if you play any online games you will need uploading to be in effect for this as well.

    I can't help you with the emule thing, but I thought you might want to be aware of the hazards of totally negating your uploading.
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    I think what he's getting at is stopping people from downloading his files, causing upload traffic for him. :)

    I don't use emule myself, so I'm not sure, but most p2p software has an option not to share files...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beefy
    I think what he's getting at is stopping people from downloading his files, causing upload traffic for him.
    leechers.. :shoot2:

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    honestly, if there wasnt a bandwidth limit i couldnt care less if ppl uploaded from me, but no way in hell im paying for it. i understand what u mean about stopping uploads completely. unfortunetly there is no option in emule to stop uploads or i would have done that. thanks but plz let me know if u can think of anything.

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    You can actually throttle it back, but I believe it will affect your downloading speed. If you have techTV, The Screen Savers did a Free and Cheap special which included a review on emule.,00.html
    The video may give you more info, but Ill tell ya either way.

    Once you have eMule open, you can minimize it to your task bar. From there, if you right-click the icon, you will see "Upload Limit" in the menu. That is where you can change the limit.

    Or, if you go into Preferences, in the Connections area you can also set the limit. This way would be more perminant I think.

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    well ive been doing some reading about emule and it says it uses a credit system where you advance in your download queues by how much you upload so i wouldnt really be gaining anything by limiting it except that i would be slowing myself down. anyone know if theres like acrack or a way to edit a file to get more credits ect. Or is this credit thing just BS to get you to upload more. I tryed some already but they turned out to be dialers. good thing i can spot them before its too late.

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    I think you just crossed the line

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