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Thread: DSL plus phone line quality

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    I am thinking about switching from a cable modem to a DSL line so that I can drop cable and go to a satilite dish. Now where I live at the phone lines can get static when it rains and sometimes it is bad real bad. Would this affect the DSL service and also make it pretty much unusable when the phone line has static? Or are they independent of each other?

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    They are very much dependant. My ISP supplies me with filters that need to be placed on every phone, or a filter on the TV Reciever when you get their TV service too. Most ISPs would I would think, or else I would say a local radio shack would carry them.

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    The filters are not for static on the line. They filter out the high freqs of DSL so that the DSL connection does not interfere with voice communication. Line static is usually caused by poor wiring and connections, whether your own or the phone company's. That can definetly cause a degraded connection and there is nothing you can do unless it is your own lines. If it is a problem for the whole community, you may have unfixable problems.

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    Make sure that your inside wire is good(Category 3 wire or better is preferred). Let the phone company worry about the outside. When you order Dsl your phone company will most likely perform a task called Conditioning. They will find out your approximate distance from the DSLAM, your Db level, your max possible download and max possible upload, and they should fix any outside problems. When they are done your line will be Conditioned. This process is pretty much the standard in the USA, though some companies may take a shortcut and just send you a router/modem and simply fix any problems that you find when you hook it up. Basically if you are within 18000 feet and 22 gauge wire is used for your phone service, then Dsl should work for you.
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