Iíve had this annoying problem for sometime now. Both on dialup and broadband. What happens is I connect to the net then boot up IE and go a page, any page and wait. And wait, and wait. It takes 15mins approx to display the page then after that everything is OK, normal speed. I canít remember how long ago this started but I was on dial up then. I have since changed to broadband and the problem still persists. I am running ZoneAlarm and Adaware thought something like that might be causing the problem so I uninstalled them but no, the problem still persisted. If anyone has had a similar problem or know what might be the cause of this I shall be eternally grateful for suggestions. You all sound pretty techy on here so please bear in mind I am not. Running XP home. By the way if I boot up Firefox as soon as I have connected I do not seem to be able to get a page up at all, waited 30 mins and gave up. Any help appreciated.