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Thread: Would this work?

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    Default Would this work?

    Im not sure if this would work, but I am going to purchase a wireless router with a wireless card. I connect through MSN and to connect I have to use the MSN software and click my username to log onto the internet. Would I have to install the MSN software on every computer that will connect through the router or will it just recognize it automatically. Because, if my friends were to come LAN that would be a pain to have to install the software on there computers and have a logon name.

    If I am thinking of this all wrong please let me know.

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    Default Re: Would this work?

    If your using XP and DSL/CABLE connection you should not have to log into MSN at all (or use their software) . The router will automaticly pick up the IP address once you set WinXX at (auto config) and the router to do the same .

    Install the router and card , set the correct settings (usaually says: "Get address automatically From ISP") . Boot the modem FIRST (wait 15-30 secs or for all the lights to go on) ,then the router(wait a few secs) , then the pc . You should be good to go .
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