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Thread: NAT problem with Ambit 60740EUW--U10C007

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    Default NAT problem with Ambit 60740EUW--U10C007

    I am having trouble with a P2P client on my wireless LAN. I need to adjust the port forwarding settings on my Ambit router. I have accessed the web interface for the router. The only problem is I can't see any configuration options regarding port forwarding or NAT!

    I have tried changing the wireless router's operation mode to each of the three options, Residential Gateway mode (default), CableHome 1.0, and Bridge mode; I can't find any part of the web interface that allows me to make the necessary changes. I have looked at the manuals for other Ambit models, and they refer to port forwarding options, but the manual for mine does not. Does this mean that there is no way to alter the port forwarding settings on my network?!?! I figure there must be a way -- how could you have a router without being able to alter its configuration?

    Any ideas?


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    Default Re: NAT problem with Ambit 60740EUW--U10C007

    From what I can tell, that model doesn't look like it supports port forwarding. Most P2P clients should work ok without forwarding ports, although some networks (like Bit Torrent) will work better if you do.

    You could try see if there is a firmware upgrade anywhere for that model and apply it, but there's no guarantee it will help.

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