Hi Guys,

I have a laptop here and which has a D-Link DWL G650+ pcmcia wireless access card (v4.0.40.1) installed.

In the office it connects to D-Link DWL 900AP+ access points (v2.65).

I have noticed a strange occurence when I perform a continious ping test. I'm experiencing some high response times peaking at approx 500ms then all of a sudden the problem settles and returns a response of approx 2ms.

Whilst performing a ping test this problem comes and goes. I dont mind troubleshooting problems that cause something not to work at all but these ones that are intermiddent, I find really tough to resolve.

I know that this problem I'm experiencing is definitely a problem that is caused by the laptop as the access points and network design is fine.

Have you guys heard of anything like this occuring before?

Thanks all.