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Thread: two computer, one Internet cable

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    Default two computer, one Internet cable


    I've got an annoying problem. I live in a Student Flat with my gf and my landlord lives next door. blablabla. Anyway the landlord decided he would share his 3mb connection. Here is the link if you need to look at it
    Anyway he drilled a hole in the wall and stuck a cable in to connect to my computer. Everything was dandy and the Internet worked fine, didn't have to assign an IP or nothing it was done automatically.
    However, now I want to connect my gf's computer up as well. Although i can't get him to send another cable in. I bought another NIC and cross over cable thinking I could bridge the two NIC's (the one with the Internet cable and the one with the cross over cable connecting to my gf's computer). However I get a message constantly saying "an unexpected error occured while configuring the network bridge". Also unless I maually assign an IP address to the second NIC it won't connect... says limited or no connectivity. Is this even possible what I'm trying to do? Can someone please help me. I have limited knowledge when it comes to this kind of stuff.

    Thank you.
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    Default Re: two computer, one Internet cable

    Alright, I'm not positive, but I think I can do this. Assuming both machines are using either XP Home, XP Pro, or 2000 (although some name may be different in 2000)...

    Have the two NICs (or NIC and onboard ethernet, whatever) in your PC. Connect the ethernet cable to one of them and run the Network Setup Wizard (assuming it doesn't just set itself up automatically). Connect the crossover cable to the second NIC and your girlfriend's PC. Run the Network Setup Wizard, and choose the second option: "This computer connects to the Internet through another computer on my network or through a residual gateway." Make sure you haven't done any sort of service tweaks (meaing you opened up services.msc or the Services tab in msconfig.exe), such as the ones in the Windows XP Tweaking: Reformat to Relax guide, because you may have disabled a necessary service for Internet Connection Sharing. If you have done any sort of service tweaks, tell me specifically what guide you read and I can help you re-enable the necessary services to provide functionality. If you have't done any, and it still isn't working, try bridging the two connections on your PC. You may also have to manually enter IPs for your girlfriend's computer and for the connection to her computer on your computer.

    Or, you could just go get a hub, switch, or router of some kind (I think a hub would be fine for this) along with a CAT5 cable. You can get good ones for well under $30 U.S.

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    Default Re: two computer, one Internet cable

    Yawgm0th, you are a star!!! It's all working now!

    I used a lot of the service tweaks over at and that was the reason it didn't work. It's always somthing silly! But thanks again! Very much!


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