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Thread: Network snafu

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    One more shot here,

    Go through their troubleshooting guides and see if they can help you out.

    I don't know if I've ever set up a network where I didn't have some problem along the line. Just takes that little bit of extra effort to find out the exact problem. For me, sometimes it helps when I go too frustrated to just remove all network connections, take a deep breath and start from scratch.

    Hope you finally get everything going, but I'm all out of suggestions unless I could actually sit down and check the entire system out.
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    I believe we read every article on that
    We finally got it, but we sort of cheated. We went ahead and put XP on the 633MHZ Celeron Compaq machine. I did have to manually enter the path to the printer, as XP could not locate it on its own, but it is working now.
    This old box only has 64 meg of memory, so we are off to Circuit City for a stick of 64 meg pc100 or 133/ sdram/168 pin. Hopefully, this will help the lagging of XP.
    I do have another problem, but I will put it in it's correct forum. Even though we got our butts kicked on this one, We really appreciate all of the help. Thanks again.

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    I'm so glad you got it ficed, even if you had to make such a drastic change. I managed to dig up that old cheat sheet I was referring to and it was for connecting from an XP box to a 98 box by creating a specific IP port on the network. It was opposite of your problem but I didn't recall that at the time.
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    Well, it is always a crushing blow to my ego when a piece of equipment kicks my tail, but so it was with this endeavor. I probably could have figured it out in two more months, but they needed it working now....:) I'm still confused as to why the XP printer wizard could find the path to the printer when we clicked the "network" option, even ME did this part right, but no need to worry about it now.

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