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Thread: PC & Mac conflicting on Belkin Wireless router

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    Default PC & Mac conflicting on Belkin Wireless router

    Hi All

    This is a great site, BTW. Very community oriented and extremely helpful. Rrrrrespect!

    Quick question for you among the other 73,000 questions on wireless networking I can see here... Sorry to burden you with one more but I too have a wife that works from home and is being driven mental by a problem we are having.
    I bought this: ADSL Modem With Built-In 11g Wireless Router<nobr>F5D7630uk4A

    I use a Belikn 54g wireless card and my wife has a Powerbook G4 with an Airport (not express) wireless card. Most of the time we can connect to the internet with excellent to very good signal strength and we get a very satisfactory connect rate. My broadband connection is with One.Tel and is 512kbps download, which is fine for our meagre purposes.

    The issue we have is, quite regularly, we will find that we cannot connect to any pages at all. The web browser (Firefox 1.0 for me, Safari for the Mac) cannot resolve the website or any website. When this happens we still have excellent signal strength and all of the lights on the Wireless router are green & working fine, so I guess it is not a hardware problem.

    The way we have found that we can resolve this is to push the reset button on the router, which turns itself back on a minute or so later we can once again connect to any web page we like.

    I use ZoneAlarm, Ad Aware and most other useful tools. I never had any problems connecting when I used a cable to the router, it's only the wireless connection. It also seems to only happen now that we have two computers using the wireless connection. At one point it was only my computer (PC) accessing the web and I didn't experience this issue. The thing that has seemed to be the effecting this is the presence of the evil mac....

    Any ideas?

    Thanks so much


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    Default Re: PC & Mac conflicting on Belkin Wireless router

    You can try updating firmware, drivers, or software for the wireless devices, though I'd be looking at what you can upgrade on that Mac. If its really the Mac's fault, you may have to get a different wireless device for it.

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    Default Re: PC & Mac conflicting on Belkin Wireless router

    Quote Originally Posted by djoblong
    This is a great site, BTW. Very community oriented and extremely helpful.
    you're kidding right?

    anyway, make sure the AP acctually supports the Mac card. Mac's can be soo picky some times<nobr></nobr>

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