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Thread: DHCP/DCHP relay agent

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    Default DHCP/DCHP relay agent

    from what i understand ....DHCP discover packets (generated from clients) are broadcasted. Routers dont allow broadcasting so the discover packet cant reach the DHCP server. In order to have the client get a IP from the DHCP server , you have to have a DHCP relay agent. Do you need a DHCP relay agent on every subnet? are there routers out there that will allow DHCP discover packets so you dont need a DHCP relay agent?..........................................did i make sense of what i was writing?, please someone help me, thank you

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    Default Re: DHCP/DCHP relay agent

    My network knowledge doesn't extend this far... maybe someone else can help
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    Default Re: DHCP/DCHP relay agent

    What kind of network setup are you talking about? You don't need a DHCP relay agent unless you have to assign IPs through multiple routers.

    For example, I have a router, which is a DCHP server in and of itself. It simply provides a network addres for each individual machine I have. It uses the IP address assingned by Comcast, my cable company, for the house's Internet. We don't need to get an individual assingment for each machine from Comcast, so there's no need for a DHCP relay agent.

    Now say I have a network connection that I'm going to bridge with my neighbor's connection via a two routers, one for each of our networks. I would have trouble communicating with computers on his network unless I either disabled DHCP in one of the routers, thus making it one large network, or had a computer between the two act as a DHCP relay agent.

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