Hey there guys,

I recent purchased a WG311T and have configured my wireless Billion router with WPA security and I cannot connect via wireless as it just scans, scans and scans and does not obtain an ip address.

Funny thing is when I decide not to use WPA and instead use MAC filtering or WEP I can connect to the network just fine.

I'm using driver version 4.0 and have also tried a few of the previous versions and still no go.

Another strange thing is that I have a laptop with a WG511 PCMCIA card installed and I'm able to connect to the wireless network using any one of the following security methods:

MAC filtering

but WPA does not work at all with my WG311T. I called the Netgear international helpdesk but had no luck with them as they just told me to re-install the drivers.

Have any of you guys also been experiencing the same problem as me.