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Thread: ADSL Ethernet modem speed sharing with a switch

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    Default ADSL Ethernet modem speed sharing with a switch

    Hi to all!

    I want to connect 3 Win 2000 PC's and an ADSL Ethernet Modem to a switch so as to share Internet, but I also want to be able to control the speed each PC connects to the Internet.
    Is there a program, a setting or sth. else I can use?


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    Default Re: ADSL Ethernet modem speed sharing with a switch

    I don't know of one but I'm not a networking guru either. Hopefully one of our users has something a bit more helpful.
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    Default Re: ADSL Ethernet modem speed sharing with a switch

    A switch won't do you much good, but a router will.

    As for limiting the speed, I don't know of any programs you can use, however, I do know of something that would probably work.

    Rather than buying a tradtitional router, you could get a complete PC (it doesn't need to be fast) along with several NICs or a switch. You put Smoothwall (which is not a program, but rather an entire Linux distrobution), on the PC, which makes it act as your router and firewall. I'm not extremely familiar with Smoothwall, but I bet that it comes with a function/program that lets you limit connection speeds. If it doesn't, I'd be very suprised if there isn't a Linux program out there that will.

    Aside from that, there are two alternatives that I can think of. The first would be just using a Windows PC and having it share Internet with the other two (this would require that PC to have two NICs). From there, you would need a program (and I don't know of any, but you can Google around) that's capable of limiting the connection speed of computers with which that machine is sharing Internet.

    The other would be a program that puts a limit on how much bandwidth a computer will use. This is the simplest option, though possibly the worst.

    This is all assuming they don't make routers or switches that have that kind of a function. If there is one, it's probably a Cisco router intended for very different circumstances, not to mention prohibitively expensive.

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    Default Re: ADSL Ethernet modem speed sharing with a switch


    Thanks for your detailed reply.
    About the 1st solution, we can't afford it.
    About the alternatives, I'm searching for that bandwidth limiting program and that's why I wrote this message.

    Does anybody else know such a program?

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