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    i recently had a virus in my system, and it gave my system hell by dling so many other viruses and spyware. the "command.exe" virus (not sure of the proper name)... well after a few hours annoynce i fixed all, but 1 problem. for some reason my computer is not getting a proper ip address from my router and not getting a dns or gateway. i tried setting a static ip through the router and windows, but still no conection to the network on internet... what could cause this?... ive scanned my computer with nortan, mcafee, varous spyware removers including spybot and a few others... any ideas?
    AMD MP 2400's 266fsb
    4 hdds. raid0 80 gig, 1x 120 gig, 1x 160 gig = 440gigs
    nvidia 5700q 256ram
    1.5 gig pc3200 ram(only running at 2400, got good price)
    ultra 400watt psu
    4x dvd burner
    52x cd burner
    16x dvd rom
    4x 80mm 1x 120mm fans
    lotsa goodness

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    When you do start>run>cmd then type ipconfig in the command prompt, what exactly happens? Does it not list any adapters or does it just list for 169.254.x.x. for the ip address. Are the other computers connected to the router able to pull an IP?

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