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Thread: Making Webserver

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    Default Making Webserver

    Hi guys,

    I have my PC with windows server 2003 installed and connected directly with a router, provided by ISP. I am using eathernet router as a gateway for my internet connectivity. Means router is directly connected to switch and PCs connected with switch are using router as a gateway where router is connected with DSL line provided by ISP.

    BTW, I have hosted my website on a webserver somewhere in US.

    Is there any way that i can make my PC a webserver(on internet) and i host my website on my machine that web users can access my website from any part of the world.

    Any suggestions are heartedly welcome.
    Can i get a step by step process to make it. (if its possible)

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    Default Re: Making Webserver

    You'll need to go into the router's setup page, which is the IP address under "Default Gateway" if you go Start > Run > CMD > ipconfig

    The password varies from brand to brand. Check the manual.

    Once there, either browse around or look in the manual for port forwarding. You'll need to forward port 81 to your computer's IP address, which will be under "IP Address" in the previously-mentioned command.

    After doing this, you simply need to setup your web site. Using Server 2003 doesn't help you at all with this task. The "server" part is referring to network servers, from which a number of tasks can be accomplished by a proffesional that wouldn't normally be possible. It doesn't aid you in creating a web server at all. In any case, you can either use the built-in Windows Internet Information Service or a third-party program, such as Apache. I'd recommend you just use Apache. It's the most popular web server program out there for a reason.

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