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Thread: Port Forwarding with Azureus

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    Default Port Forwarding with Azureus

    Hi all, I've been having some problems since I reset my Billion Bipac-5100 ADSL Router. I've tried looking around for answers and I know they're out there but are tough to get my head around them when they aren't specific.

    I now have it connected to a Buffalo AirStation G54 wireless Router and after some fiddling they work fine together for normal web surfing and things.

    My problem is that I am having trouble with setting up the NAT so that I can use Azureus properly. I need to allow Azureus to bind to a specific port for full speed. I thought having UPnP enabled on both devices and in Azureus would allow things to be configured automatically but apparently not (for some reason which I don't understand).

    I didn't write down the settings before resetting the Billion and now it's a lot harder to 'play around till I get it right' because I need to get the settings right with both the Buffalo wireless Router and Billion ADSL Router at the same time.

    I know I need to enter IP addresses and port information (that Azureus is set to use) so as to allow Azureus to work at full speed but am not clear what goes where.

    In short, the devices are connected as so:

    ADSL line = Billion Router
    Billion Router = Buffalo AirStation G54 wireless Router
    Buffalo AirStation = Cat5 connected PC (1) & wirelessly connected PC (2)

    I need to set up port forwarding on both the Billion and the Buffalo by entering IP addresses and the relevant port. My query is, what devices or computer IP address goes in which device (Billion and Buffalo)?

    I hope this doesn't sound like a load of drivel and someone can help. Please let me know if there is any other information that is needed for a solution. I'm pretty good with PC's but not so much with networking nor (obviously) port forwarding.

    Many thanks,


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    Default Re: Port Forwarding with Azureus

    Forward port 6881 on the Billion to the IP of the Buffalo. The IP of the Buffalo can be found by doing the following on a wirelessly connected computer:
    Start > Run > CMD > ipconfig/all
    Under "Default Gateway" will be the Buffalo's IP. This is also the IP you us to get to the Bufallo's setup page. If you follow these steps on a computer plugged into the Billion router, you will get the IP of the Billiion (again, this will be used to access the Billion's setup page).

    From the Billion router, forward port 6881 to your computer's IP. This will be found under "IP Address" when you do the ipconfig/all command. Assuming the computer in question is connected wirelessly, this should do the trick.

    Alternatively, you can do the following:
    In the Buffalo, you can find and disable DHCP. Your wireless network is currently on a different LAN than your wired one (assuming you have any wired computers). Although this will provide some increased sevurity, it complicates certain things, particularly file sharing. If you disable DHCP and then move the cable from the "WAN" port on the Buffalo to a "LAN" port (unless it only has one port, in which case you should ignore this step), you will now have one network and only need to forward the port on the Billion.

    If DHCP is already disabled or the Buffalo is only an access point and not a router, you need only forward the port 6881 on the Billion to the IP of your computer.

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