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Thread: Modem won't connect at 56K

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    My phone line runs through a whole mess of wires, some of which are probably the cords connecting my speakers to my sound card. And the laptop seemed to connect at 115 something if I can recall.

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    Well that explains things - the laptop is reporting the DTE rate (Computer to Modem) instead of the Modem-ISP rate. 26.4Kbps is very common if you are on a "RIM" or have a "Pair-gained" line.

    The Australian Opposition Shadow Minister for I.T. has a website about pair gaining here and this is the info I extracted from there:

    What is a RIM?

    A RIM is a Remote Integrated Multiplexor. What does it do? It is what Telstra install when they run out of copper completely. Or when a new housing estate goes in.

    What happens is that when there is not enough copper (not even enough to 'pair gain') to stretch into being 'enough', Telstra lay optical fibre from the exchange down to an intermediate spot.

    At that spot a RIM is installed. These are typically visible as a box on the footpath. At the RIM, the fibre link is converted back into many copper lines - can typically be circa 250 lines that come out of one RIM. Those lines then go into each end users home.

    In a "RIM" connected area (doesn't have to be rural - various exchanges in city Adelaide, for instance, are on them), 100% of the customers in those areas can't have ADSL broadband.

    A pair gain is where a single line is split into two seperate lines, halving the bandwidth. How far are you from your local phone exchange? If you are further than 3 miles, then you will most likely not connect above 33.6Kbps, as copper wire attenuates markedly over long distances.

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