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Thread: Dwl-624

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    Ive got a DWL-624 wireless router, the trouble is that its running very slow on the network.. I have 4 pcs on the wireless network. And a 1.5mb internet connection..

    1) when coping files from pc-pc that are connected via wireless the speed stay at about 200kbps which is very slow because it should be travling at 54-108mbps (depending on the network enviroment)..
    2) When all pcs are downloading from the internet at the same time, the download speed is about 180-210kbps on all pc's. I have no problem with that, thats normal. but it means the wireless is transfering at 800-1000kbps.

    So why when i'm coping from pc-pc is it giong so slow???

    All my pc's have a D-Link wireless network adapter which are compatible of 108mbps. All my pc's are quick and up-to-date (none are older than 3 months)
    I'm able to play Battlefield 2 on 3pc's when connected to an Australian Server with 64ppl. And have about 80-100ping. With no noticable lag.

    My pc has 2 HDD's one the network carnt see, and one that the network has full access to. Its a 80gb Ultra ATA Slave Drive with no pagefile (i can pull it out without my pc crashing), And my main one is a 300gb SATA (3.0gb transfer) Master Drive.

    Can Anyone help

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    Default Di-624

    Sorry sorry ive made a mistake its a DI-624 Wireless Router

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    Default Re: Dwl-624

    No one giong to help

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