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Thread: Need help troubleshooting a comms problem

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    Default Need help troubleshooting a comms problem

    Guys, hope you can help.

    Here is my set up:
    • Two computers: one running WinXP MCE, the other just WinXP
    • Both connected to a router (DLINK DSL504G) via cables, to a single ISP
    • The WinXP is working well; the WinXP MCE worked for about three weeks, and now can't load any web pages - the hourglass icon just goes on and on. The WinXP MCE is new and is still under warranty. I contacted support for the WinXP MCE and was told first that it could be hardware related. But then, without even examining my computer, they changed their mind and said it is software or some faulty settings that's causing my problem.
    Whenever I ping the WinXP MCE from the other computer, I get, intermittent request time outs. Some pings does go through. I have disabled Norton Security and Firewalls in the WinXP MCE during these tests. Indeed there are practically no processes running during these times, as indicated by the Win Task manager.

    I can ping my ISP provider from the Win XP without any problem. But I get the "dreaded" intermittent timeouts when doing so with WinXP MCE. My ISP have reviewed my Internet connection settings and said it's fine. They told me that the problem is with my computer, and hence they won't be getting involved with my problem.

    How can I resolve if it is some hardware, or some software settings that's causing my problem? Better yet, what's a good way for me to resolve the problem altogether?


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    Default Re: Need help troubleshooting a comms problem

    Start off with two easy and basic steps...

    1- Change ports on the router. Sometimes one of the ports will die or have issues but another port can fix the problems. Like most home routers, I assume yours has 4 ports?

    2- Change network cables around and see if the problems follows the bad cable. A broken strand or a crimp that is not tight enough can cause all sorts of problems in your network.
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    Default Re: Need help troubleshooting a comms problem

    Also try, uninstalling the network driver in Device manager and reinstalling it (Scan for new hardware), have any windows updates been downloading? ie:Including updates for the Network card

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