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Thread: Wireless repeater not connecting to router

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    Default Wireless repeater not connecting to router

    I'm using a Zoom Wireless-G AP+2 (802.11G) repeater from NewEgg to connect to a wireless router. It was a huge pain in the rear, but by the time we were able to locate the router in the repeater's settings and connect to it, it wouldn't allow us internet access. Currently, I can connect to the repeater, but it won't allow internet connection. Here's the odd part and where I believe the problem is. The repeater shows the wireless signal and says it's connected to the wireless router, but in the wireless router settings, it doesn't show the repeater accessing it. This is my first time trying to use a repeater, so I'm not 100% sure if I have all the settings in the right order. WEP encryption is all good. I'm just not too sure where I'm getting hung up. Will a repeater show up as "logged on" to a wireless router like other computers are? I've already shot an e-mail off to the manufacturer and Googled the problem, but sometimes trying to get help from the company is a blind crapshoot. Any input would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Wireless repeater not connecting to router

    the first i'd do is reflash the firmware of both devices, a lot of these problems can be fixed by updating the firmware.

    in repeater mode a lot of AP's require mac addresses to be typed in, and both ap's must be in repeater/bridge mode (which means it won't talk to other wifi devices)

    another way of doing it, is a lot of AP's have a client mode which will allow one AP to join the other as a client.

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