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Thread: Dont get Hughes Net, A long rant about my 18 months with Hughes!

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    Default Dont get Hughes Net, A long rant about my 18 months with Hughes!

    This is long, but there is so much to be said, sorry! Forgive the spelling I have a bad keyboard and I think faster then I type too! Anyhow here it is, you got to read this!
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    Hughes net is the biggest scam out there! I have had Hughes net for 18 months(Direct Way at that point) and Just when I finally got use to the, bad service, horrible tech support and FAP(Fair Access Policy) they went and changed it today!
    Hughes lies! They have these adds that say, "High speed", "fast downloads", "no waiting to get online" and that they are the only option out there if you canít get DSL! Well let me tell you how my 18 months has gone.
    First they did good setting up the install, the guy that did it was on time and had it done in 3 hrs. Thatís the only good thing in 18 months. The first 2 months I spent more time on the phone to tech support then online. I had a hard time with the fact I couldnít play anymore online games, no big file (movies) downloads (FAP, and the price I was paying for this crap!
    I fought, the first 6-8 months, every week about the FAP and was lied to many times in that fight. I want told about it before the install, and had no idea when I was first put on FAP the first month. I didnít even know about it. Then I was told that I hadnít paid my $599 for the equipment and they just shut me off one day. I spent 3 days tracking down my payment and yelling at as many people as I could. Once that was resolved I had issues with my speeds for 3 months. Never did get any answer for that, but they did give me the pro plan upgrade for free(for 6 months) but never told me anything why I had issues.
    Now that was the first 6 months, so after all that I calmed down and realized I had no other option so I quit my gamming and movie downloading and started watching streaming TV as a pastime. Many good shows from old to new, it were a daily event. I would check my usage ever 2-3 hrs and made sure I keep myself off FAP. I would watch for 3 hrs then rest for 3-4 I had 8 months of no FAP at all due to all my efforts. Now when I did have s few FAP here and there the last 4 months my wife then couldnít work on her masters online because it was so slow and she had allot of uploading to do.
    Now after all that time, getting use to the wrong restrictions Hughes puts its customers through, I see today that they have changed the policy. It use to be if you were to be put on FAP then you had to wait 4-6 hrs and then you could start again. Which is still wrong in my book, not what they advertise and not what they tell you when you call. But now on the 17<SUP>th</SUP>, they sent an email saying, "good news, we added 25 more MB to the FAP before they will put you on itĒ. Sounds good right, well they also, on there website in fine print stated, that they would reset the FAP after 24hrs instead of 4-6, thatís not what they said in the email, when I called to check the fiorst guy said no, it will stay 4-6 hrs, well he lied! Not good at all, in fact way worse then before, but they make it sound like itís a good thing, like they are giving you something. No they are just taking motre away and still charging thier high prices.
    Now two days ago I checked my usage, like normal and for the whole month this month and last month I had not one time I was on FAP. Today I looked, due to slow speeds and all that usage shows I was on FAP 90% of the time. So I called today and spoke with about 6 people and I get the runaround. More lying and a bunch of BS. First Iím told I need to unplug my computer for 4 hours and then it should be fin. Well I know better then that and told him no Iíve ever had to do that in 18 months so why now. No answer from him. I then talked to his supervisor, he was a jerk from the start, but he goes into this big speech about the fact I have been on FAP all month and I need to let my internet rest till <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:time Minute="0" Hour="10">10am</st1:time> tomorrow. Never had to do that too, but I said I wasnít on FAP at all this past 32 months and that he was wrong and I want it fixed. He blew me off, and then just kept saying the same thing over and over! I hung up after 1.5hrs on the phone.
    Then after 2 hrs of just sitting and not surfing or anything I called again. Same BS with the first guy, in <st1:country-region><st1:place>India</st1:place></st1:country-region>, canít unde5rstand anything, built I speak to his supervisor. He goes through the whole deal and then says yes you have been on FAP since the 1st of the month, I never gave the system to reset. Well this time I had printed my usage page and was ready for him. I asked, ok well if I was on FAP, then I wouldnít be able to download more then what? He said you will be lucky to get 6 MB downloaded during a FAP. Well I say that thatís weird because I see on my usage that I had downloaded, streamed video that is, X, X ,X ,and X amount of times, with MB's of 125 then125,80, 90, 132, 90, I could go on and I did with him. I asked well how can that be, if I was on FAP? ďI canít sayĒ he replies and that means to me, I wasnít on it and that I did remember what I was doing, what show I was watching and that I had not one FAP before today. Its all a bunch of lies! I hear breathing on the line, then nothing, still nothing! Then I say you canít answer that can you? Still nothing, then he says ďwell, yes that is weirdĒ. No kidding, thatís because you lied to me and to everyone that has your service.
    Well needless to say I call again after a few and spoke to his supervisor and just went crazy, I canít stand when companies treat their customers this way. I worked customer service for 16 years and I know how to treat people right. Hughes just doesnít care, they have us because they know we cant get DSL. Well I think they should be accountable like anyone else. Well after 5 hrs+ on the phone and lies and lies I finally said cancel my service itís not worth $69.99 a month for dial up, slower then dial up when Im on FAP, and once a day I can download something, thatís BS. They advertise that its ďfast downloadsĒ not, Fast downloads, as long as you only download one file a day! They say ď its high speed for people that cant get DSLĒ then they cut your service if you use it too much, DSL doesnít do that!
    I though this would be the only way to make them responsible for treating there customers this way. FAP in general is a joke, itís their way of saying, we over sell our service so you cant have what youíre paying for. Iím sorry I didnít get this to surf the web, if thatís all I wanted I would have got Dial up for $9.99. Who would pay $599+ $69.99 a month to have Dial up? Anyone that has Hughes did! Now iom stuckl with this equipment and I think they should have to buy it back and give my $599 back!
    You know if they would have given better notice or even just was honest upfront I wouldnít be writing this, well maybe but I wouldnít be saying they lie! They advertise lies and they continue lying to you the whole time. They just need to be upfront and tell the truth about what they can offer. They need to have limits on how many customers are on. Then if itís getting packed, launch another satellite, donít cut customers service and charge the same, how can they do that.
    This was the biggest waste of money ever in my 40 years on this planet! Cant they see, well I bet they do but donít care, they know we have little choice and pray on that, since there is no DSL and thatís how they get away with it!
    On a nice note, I called Wild Blue internet, satellite too, but the girl I spoke to, right from the start, told me that if I game allot or want to download big files this wouldnít be for me. She said that at peek times, due to all their customers on at the same time, it can run slow. She went on to say, that its not high speed itís just not and that there are times itís slow and when you get on FAP itís only as fast as Dial Up! What a nice way to be honest with buyers. This is what Hughes net does not do and should have to.
    I think the government needs to step in and hold Hughes accountable for lowering there service but still charging the high rates.l
    Sorry again for the long story but it needed to be told! Iím sure that many others have said the same thing!

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    Default Re: Dont get Hughes Net, A long rant about my 18 months with Hughes!

    Sounds like another craptacular network supplier! What country do they operate in?
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    Default Re: Dont get Hughes Net, A long rant about my 18 months with Hughes!

    I have Wild Blue and I have no complaints. True
    once in a while it slows but not that much. I always
    get good tech support (in american english).
    It takes a really good frog strangler to make the
    signal drop. It is $20.00 cheaper than Hughes Net.
    Installation was free. I have never run over my
    download limits. Like I said, the tech support is
    friendly, helpful and up to the job. They helped
    me set up outlook express email and it works fine.
    Thanks for the heads up on Hughes Net!

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    Default Re: Dont get Hughes Net, A long rant about my 18 months with Hughes!

    Hey, Wake Up Dead,
    If you cannot get any satisfaction from Huges Net,
    go to the Federal Trade Commission website and
    post a complaint. The squeaky wheel gets the oil!

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