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Thread: Netgear DG384G v2

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    Default Netgear DG384G v2


    My flatmate and I both have an identical belkin wireless card in our machines. We both run windows XP service pack 2 and both did IT degrees so have some vague idea about networks etc..

    Normally the network performs very well, no drop outs nothing. but every few weeks, the wireless goes down. the connection speed to my machine will drop to 1mbps, packets will stop being sent/received and eventually, it will disonnect.
    My card still picks up other networks in my building, so I know there is no fault there. after a little while, I will be able to see our network, with full quality of signal, but will not be able to connect to it.
    This situation is in no way fixed by rebooting machines or the router. even switching the router off for an hour has no effect.

    Generally, this fixes itself after a few hours, but it is only a matter of time until it happens again, but the days/weeks in between are fine, no performance issues at all!

    It fixes itself by being left on, not after having a rest!

    I have absolutely NO idea why this happens, I am assuming the issue is with the wireless transmitor, but if anybody has any bright ideas, I am all ears.



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    Default Re: Netgear DG384G v2

    Try upgrading the router's firmware.

    Make sure it's isn't close to any other electronic devices.

    It could also be interference from another network or another wireless device, and there's very little you can do about that. Try setting the wireless channel to 1 or to 11 and see if that helps.

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