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Thread: Wireless + regular LAN...

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    Talking Wireless + regular LAN...

    Recently we got a new computer in our house. My sister got a notebook blah, blah, blah... let's stick to the point. I would like to bring internet to her room, but my adsl router is in the living room, and it wouldn't be very practical to stretch the cables around the house. Not to mention the costs. My question is: can i hook a wireless AP to the router (witch incorporates adsl modem) and have internet like that, and would it be possible for two computers to communicate normally? Or simply, can two types of interconnection coexist in a same network and provide internet access? Will it be simpler to just buy wireless router/adsl modem combo (witch is much more expensive)?
    Hope my question makes sense. Thanx in advance
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    Default Re: Wireless + regular LAN...

    Just buy a wireless router and you can attach quite a few PC's to the same connection. They just share the bandwidth.
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    Buy a wireless AP. Doesn't have to be a router, though most wireless APs double over as routers. If you get a router, you will have to turn off its DHCP and DNS servers. Simply connect one of the WAP's LAN (or it's only connection, if it's really just an access point) connection to the one of the DSL router/modem's LAN connection. Should be fairly simple. You'll want to go throw a WPA or at least a WEP key on unless you want random people accessing your LAN.

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    don't forget you'll need wifi cards for the PC's as well.

    note you'll also be able to share printers as well

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    You don't have to get a wireless card for every PC - there are ports on the back to split the connection.

    I love my Zyxel router and PCI card. I did some extensive research and decided not to go with D-Link, Linksys, or Netgear.

    The whole setup only took a few minutes and I instantly had a connection to my room. I use the internet constantly with a lot of downloading - about 20gigs are sent / recieved per month. I have yet to have a problem - never had to restart the thing. I get about 90% signal with the router downstairs and the card upstairs. I consider that to be excellent.

    It usually has some sort of rebate or discount from Newegg. I went with the X-550 Mimo router and M-302 Mimo card.

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