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Thread: Oddest wireless problem ever.

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    Default Oddest wireless problem ever.

    Ok guys here goes, this has been going on for a couple weeks now. First off i have 3 computers in my house. Two desktops and a Laptop all using linksys equipment. A couple of weeks ago the old linksys wireless router went bad so i went out and got the new WRTP54G. I hooked everything up and all but one computer connected. Now here is where it gets tricky...

    The one desktop computer is plugged in via the onboard lan with a cat5 into the router, the laptop uses a wireless adapter and so does desktop2. The laptop connects just fine however desktop 2 does not. What's wierd is that if i connect to a video game such as eve online or world of warcraft i can connect to the internet. In fact at random times windows will say your wireless connection is now connected. The problem is when this happens i cannot view anything in explorer unless i have a game running in the background. Also the speed/download times are very slow. So i called linksys, went through the normal mumbo jumbo and then went through the normal /ipconfig, check ip's, turned off security and went to open connection etc to see if any of this helped. Alas it was to no avail. The few times i can browse the web on desktop 2 (with a game running in the background) it will imediatly drop the connection if any of the other two computers hop online.

    Ok so i thought, hrmm my adapter must be bad or i have something. I took it to a repair shop to figure out. They found 1 virus, cleaned spyware updated windows etc. Oddly enough the computer hooked up fine to their wireless connection and to test it all the updates they did were through it's wireless connection. So now i bring the computer back to my house after witnessing it connect fine on their setup and hook it up here. Still the same problem, windows cannot connect to the wireless network (limited or no connectivity). On a side note this computer does work fine here when connected to the router with a cat5. So i guess my question is if the wireless laptop connects fine, why doesn't the desktop? Especially since it worked just fine at the repair shops place?

    Does the laptop wireless connect differently then the desktops wireless and thats why it works when the desktop does not? I have no clue what is causing this. I even reloaded IE7 just to make sure it wasn't that.
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    Default Re: Oddest wireless problem ever.

    does the wireless card support the new encryption system ie wpa

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