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Thread: So I got a letter from my college....

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    Default So I got a letter from my college....

    and they recommended that I get "NetGear USB Wireless Adapter (WG111)"
    So I looked on Newegg and saw that it got bad reviews and saw it was unstable. So my question is, what is a better networking product than this? I am building my own gaming computer this summer to take to college and I want really good reception so I can play online.
    So what is something I could use to get really good reception? I am willing to pay up to $120-$150 if needed. Is there something I could put in my computer or something?
    Here are the stats that are needed to connect to the school's network:
    "If purchasing another brand adapter, make sure it is 802.11b compliant and that it plugs into your USB port. USB adapters come with an extension cable that allows for positioning the device for best reception....."

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    Default Re: So I got a letter from my college....

    I would hardly trust any reviews from newegg since most of them are from people that are either complete morons or they don't even own the hardware and are just trolls.

    I run all Netgear stuff in my network. Love it. D-Link is the only other company I'd buy.
    GIgabyte GA-990FXA-UD3
    AMD FX8120 @ 4GHz
    Patriot 1866MHz EL series 2X4GB DDR3
    Powercolour HD 6970 2GB w/XFX 8800GT 512MB Hybrid PhysX
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  3. Default Re: So I got a letter from my college....

    I really like my Zyxel setup. I did some research and found it to be more reliable than the other brands. Overall, the Zyxel system achieved very nice reviews and it had a few nice rebates.

    I've had mine since November and I have yet to have a single problem. I transfer around 30gigs a month and the speeds are great. The only limitation is my internet connection.

    The router is downstairs in a cabinet and my desktop is upstairs. I usually get 90% signal.

    Here is what I have:
    Zyxel X-550 Router
    Zyxel M-302 PCI adapter

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    Default Re: So I got a letter from my college....

    I've used D-Link, Netgear, Linksys, Trendnet, Zonet, Intel, and Siemens wireless networking devices, including routers/APs, PCI, USB, PCMCIA, and internal network adapters.

    I've owned that exact adapter. It's pretty good. I'd say it easily stacks up to any other USB adapter that I've used.

    If you're building a computer though, a PCI/PCMCIA adapter with an adjustable/external antenna is the way to go. USB is inferior overall when it comes to networking. Less bandwidth, reliability, and higher latencies than a PCI or PCMCIA adapter. They're also painfully easy to break.

    Netgear IMO is the best overall. Netgear has consistently had a solid line of good, reliable networking products. A good 50% of my network infrastructure is Netgear-based.

    D-Link used to be pretty good, but has gone way downhill.

    Some of the smaller companies or those with less name recognition make great products. Trendnet, Zonet, etc. have always been good to me.

    Linksys not so much. Highly reliable routers, switches, AP, etc. Terrible wireless adapters. I've had four Linksys wireless adapters in the last three years. Three of them have had hardware failures not induced by the environment or the user.

    But all that aside, I'd get a Netgear PCI card for $30-$50 and be done with it. They all support 802.11b. To spend over $100 you'd be looking at Draft N or Pre-N products for theoretical forwards compatibility that you won't need and is, again theoretical.

    Regarding Newegg -- unless something has a good 30 reviews, I wouldn't even look at the rating. Even then, I'd take a look at the user reviewing and their comments before truly making a judgment. Professional reviews are always good as well.

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    Default Re: So I got a letter from my college....

    hmmm just setup a pre n network - 300 Mb rock solid connection

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    Default Re: So I got a letter from my college....

    It's for his college's network...

    I'd consider it myself if I could afford it.

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