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Thread: Free NAS server

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    Default Free NAS server

    Don't know if this is the best forum for this question, but I will put it out there and see if you guys can help me out on this:

    My work wants me to set up a file server for thier 8 user XP p2p network.

    I want to use my current home system to make the file server - but swap out the graphics and sound cards and put in a cheep graphics card cuz they will pay me for it and I can use the money to upgrade my home rig.

    I GOOG file servers and came up with many kinds - using a windows os, NAS, linux etc.

    What do you think will be the best one - easiest and cheepest?

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    Default Re: Free NAS server

    What tasks will the server need to handle? Auto backup of systems, if so you will want to use something built for the task. If not then just build the system with your video card installed. Install Windows XP, setup Remote Desktop Connection, turn off all of the boot error options so it will boot without a keyboard, mouse and video. Map your folders out and share them, I would use a RAID 1 or RAID 5 since the files will be important enough to secure. The last thing is give the system a static IP Address and you are set.

    With everything setup correctly you will be able to take the server to any network running that subnet, plug it in and be able to hit it within two minutes. I have four file servers here at home. Two prebuilt, the Yellowmachine and one Nfrant, the other two are system that handle media and backup duty.

    OOPs, I almost forgot....after you have the server setup you can pull the video card.

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