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Thread: Home PC LAN

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    Nov 2001


    .net !

    well, since went bust and has never returned, i have bought (hey, it was cheap!)

    now, i just need INPUT and CONTENT

    anyone here wanna gimmie a hand with it and/or be writers for it?

    i'm looking for graphics and editors

    we'll need basic how-to's for the newbies and some *really* advanced stuff for those who want massive stuff (WAN, wireless, Cisco routers, etc..) and a link to this specific forum, and maybe a few others (no need to add yet *another* forum the the 'net when there are plenty already)

    i know there are other sites for this type of thing, but a lot of them have ads all over the place and aren't easily navigable
    i have some ideas for the layout and a few pages written that need to be tweaked a bit, and this will be completely ad free of course

    how much does it pay you ask?! PFFTT HAHAHAHAHAAA!!!! *whew* that's a good one!

    if yer interested, email me: ctnow @

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    I think I'll stick with TweakTown :thumb:
    What came first - Insanity or Society?

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    my pen is a pistola.


    ditto al!!:wave:
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