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Thread: Can't access Google... At all.

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    Angry Can't access Google... At all.

    Hello... I'm back after a few weeks of absence. Missed me? XD

    Anyway, I ran into a problem and I am totally infuriated by it. >(

    Every now and then, I can't access google. A few minutes to a few hours (if I'm bad luck), it comes back. It happens once or twice every week and... *ahem* IT... IS... INFURIATING!


    1. I can't get to GMail. This is probably the worst thing ever.
    2. I can't search around.

    What have I done?

    1. Enable OpenDNS on my router.
    2. Reboot, and flush my laptop and WiFi router.
    3. Unplug networking equipment for 10 minutes and plug it back.

    This **** problem is irritating and my email is inaccessible for 5+ hours now.

    Any tips? >_>

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    Default Re: Can't access Google... At all.

    What just Google Canada or any Google? Sometimes here in the UK Google UK is rather sluggish so to undertake an internet search, I just log on to another ‘English’ speaking Google site. I’d ask my ISP about the situation if you think you’re been purposely blocked.

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    Default Re: Can't access Google... At all.

    is it only google u cant access?or ur not also able to access other website or search engines?

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    Default Re: Can't access Google... At all.

    Perhaps this isn't a network issue. Have you tried it on any of your other computers? This sounds like it could be spyware or something along those lines. Also, make sure to check your hosts file for any modification of the host (%WINDIR%/system32/drivers/etc/hosts)

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