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Thread: HELP!networking

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    Default HELP!networking

    umm hi guys can u guys please help me coz i was trying to connect my pc which is xp and my laptop which is vista whenever i try to access the other pc it always says <name of the pc>is not accessible.logon failure the user has not been granted the request logon type at this computer.please help me

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    Default Re: HELP!networking

    I'm assuming you have simple file sharing activated on both machines?

    Also, I know that with XP you have to run a simple Networking Wizard to get the machines communicating together properly... may be something similar you have to do with your Vista system.
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    Default Re: HELP!networking

    actually i tried making my XP a network wizard but wen i tried that it still wont work...ahuhuhu does it have to do something with the FTP?

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    Are they both in the same workgroup? If so, then please run the join network wiz again on both of them, and reboot. Then on the Vista machine go to the network folder and wait about 5 minutes. Sometimes it takes a few for XP to show up.

    I have had much better luck doing things in the vista to xp, then Xp to vista

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    Please check, that your LAN wires are working fine. Even check your LAN switch and other hardware devices. If the problem is not solved, contact your local computer expert.
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    My computers home ( 2 vista and one xp ) work fine. I can access the shared documents on the xp desktop at anytime by just start-->run--> \\192.168.X.X

    Logging in remotely to the PC is not a problem either. I ran no setup wizards.

    What service pack is the XP and Vista?

    Are you trying to logon to the machine remotely or are you just trying to access some shared documents?
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    My question is how are you connecting them together?

    Are you connecting the NIC cards with a CAT crossover cable? Are the NIC's connected to a router, switch?

    How are the machines getting their TCP/IP addresses?

    Both machines need to be on the same domain/workgroup to share.

    Can both machines get access to the internet?

    Answers to these questions would assist us on how to help with resolving your problem....

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