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Sounds like you're friend was talking lots of nonsence. Sure, you could have 2 nic's in one computer. But the only way you would see a speed increase is if each nic connected you t a different network. One of the networks may be faster than the other. But you cannot add the NIC's together to get double the speed.

If you're talking about bridging the connections, tat's basically doing the job of a hardware bridge. It just allows that machine to be a "bridge" for other computers to connect to the network.

The new Intel Gigabit Server NICs support exactly what he's looking for. and they are even fault tolerant. you can yank out the network cable on one NIC while transferring a big file and the file transfer won't error out. it will take a few seconds for the entire transfer to fail over to the second NIC though.

Also the bandwidth you get from 2 NICs is not that much more than what you get from one gigabit NIC since no CPUs can fill a full duplex gigabit pipe yet. if the Server based 10/100 NICs supported this it might be fun..