<!-- message --> I'm about at my witt's end. After fighting with inferior consumer grade USB adapter after another, I finally found the CISCO AIR-PI21AG adapter. This thing is.. was.. great. Much faster, solid connection, no drops. Perfect. Well, when I upgraded my computer I found it wasn't compatible with my motherboard. Went out and bought a WMP200 PCI adapter, which was.. okay. Better than most anything else I'd had, but still nothing like the P121AG.

Now, I've upgraded to Windows 7 64 bit and apparently Cisco does not support 64 bit operating systems at all. What crock.

I have no idea what to get now. I'm currently on a Netgear WMP111 which is crap.. crawls compared to my PCI adapters. My speeds seriously just got cut by 2/3. I've also tried Linksys (consumer grade Cisco) USB stuff and have not been happy.

Any suggestions? I'm thinking something using an Atheros chip since I've had awesome luck with them in notebooks. I am also open to replacing my Linksys WRT54G adapter, if anyone has a better suggestion.