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Thread: ohhhhhhhhhh crap

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    If you are using Windows XP then you may have remote access enabled and someone is coming in. The only problem with that is it will log you out in the process. Also, are you running any remote software like Tight VNC, AT&T VNC, Remotely Possible, Remote Anywhere, or PC Anywhere. Do a open port scan and see if any ports are open in the higher ranges ( i.e > than 5000). Just a thought.

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    I'm officialy an idiot. Had speach recognition turned on (didn't know i did that) and my laptop came with the mic on. Thus the gibberish and slow down when it was happening. Guess I was swearing at my computer to much that night. Thanks for all of your help, i'm gonna go sit in the corner for being a dumb ass now:geek:

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    LMAO ROFL.... that is funny man...but don't worry about...everyone got info on stuff even though it was for no reason...funny tho...

    At least you now know Zone Alarm is the best when it comes to firewalls and you know its free.

    Even though it was nothing it could have been don't worry about it.:)
    - Damien

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