Just curious if anyone has noticed packet loss in Vista/Win7 systems which is not present in WinXp.

I have tested this on both Comcast and Brighthouse residential internet connections. Two different intel i920 based computers, one with onboard Marvell NIC and the other with onboard Realtek 8111C NIC, both with dual boot configuration, and both connecting to the internet via motorola surfboard cable modems and Dlink DGL-4500 routers.

Both computers running under XP experience 0% dropped packets when using ping test easy (Ping Test Easy - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET Download.com). I ping www.Google.com with default settings (ping rate of 1 ping every 0.6 seconds and time out threshold of 500ms). Even if left to run for hours, there is 0% packet loss.

Both computers running under Win 7 (64 bit) pinging google with the same parameters will invariably show 6-8% packet loss. The dropped packets will show up pretty quickly at the default ping rate.

Interestingly though, my brother has a computer with an onboard realtek 8111D NIC running under win7 pro (64 bit) and his system has 0% packet loss when pinging google with the same parameters. He has comcast internet service with a motorola cable/phone modem and a linksys router.

Has anyone else observed this packet loss with Win7/Vista systems? Anyone running Win7 or Vista systems want to do some pinging and report back???

Thanks for any input on these observations.