This is driving me nuts. From home I am unable to access one of my virtual domains ( from my desktop using Windows XP and IE or Firefox. Nor can I access it from using a Windows laptop and IE, nor from my Mac laptop. Whenever I try to access the site I get a message like: "Server not found. Firefox can't find the server at

This problem started about a week ago. Before that everything was usually fine, although I did have occasional, brief (half day) outages when I couldn't access the site.

Using the same Mac laptop I CAN access the site from a friends house (different ISP), so that should rule out a firewall problem, or anything similar. Another friend (using a third ISP), however, is also unable to access the site, so it's not just from my own house, or my own ISP.

nslookup returned a normal result, as did ping.

I can access the site using ftp or telnet.

I get the same problem if I try to use the site's IP address directly in the browser.

Any ideas?