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Thread: mixing gigabit and 10/100 devices help?

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    Default mixing gigabit and 10/100 devices help?

    So i'm upgrading my network a little. I do A LOT of streaming from my computer to my PS3 and I want to utilize the gigabit in the house.

    My question is simple however I decided it best was served by drawing a quick diagram in ms-paint :D

    I think that in this configuration my HTPC and my PS3 will communicate at gigabit transfer rates, however I post it here for discussion.


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    Default Re: mixing gigabit and 10/100 devices help?

    Hi NGL_BrSH,

    As long as you are using a gigabit switch you will be fine. A switch does not work on the "weakest link" theory that a hub works on.

    To answer your question, if you are using a gigabit switch, then two gigabit devices (using appropriate cabling) on the same switch will be able to communicate at a theoretical maximum of 1Gbps, regardless of whether there are other 100Mbps devices connected to the same switch.

    I hope this helps.

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