Hi all.
I'm new here, so hopefully you can help !

I've just changed from BT to TalkTalk so i have a spare bt homehub ( black one ).

We all have android phones/PS3 wireless devices etc and the main PC and router is upstairs. In the further reaches of downstairs wireless becomes sketchy at best so i'd like to use that old homehub's wireless signal to connect to and then that connects to my new talktalk router wirelessly...

So, i found the guide to using a second router on this site which looks thorough and easy to follow, but it seems to asume that i'm going to connect the new modem ( with PC/internet ) to the spare homehub with an ethernet cable ... i want to do it wirelessly.

Apologies if you've all just gone ' ugh - not again ' but i just cannot seem to find anyone to tell me how to do it.

Many thanks in advance of ANY help.


PC ----- TALKTALK ROUTER (wireless communication to) BTHOMEHUB (wireless devices)