Hi guys,

First off my apologies if this has been answered before.

My network setup is a Billion bipac 7300N router connected wirelessly to a desktop running win7 with Tp-link wireless n card and an Acer aspire v3-571 laptop running win8. There is also a Samsung TV, nexus 7 and samsung nexus phone connected also, the only device giving me grief is the laptop so I'm working on the assumption that it is the problem.

Essentially the problem is slow speed, connecting to other devices on the network or on the internet. I'll get a speedtest of < 1mbps dl on the laptop when the nexus 7 next to it will get >10mbps ( my WiMAX connection speed). If i connect the laptop via cat5 directly to the router then the issue disappears, transferring files over the network results in the same speeds. There are also intermittent issues where changing a setting on the router (eg. forcing 802.11n) causes the laptop to refuse to connect to the network, but then after a restart it is happy to connect.

I've reinstalled the drivers to try fix this (I can't find any newer ones than that is already installed) and adjusted any settings that looked like they might affect this (I really don't know what I'm doing!!).

Any help will be greatly appreciated.