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Thread: Connecting server to wireless router

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    I have a desktop PC and I want to use it as a home server(not as a home Web server) . I will use the desktop as a Plex media server and also as an NAS drive for my documents. Can I connect it to my WiFi router(300Mbps) wirelessly ? Is Using Ethernet cable necessary? Will connecting wirelessly result in low streaming speeds?

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    Wired is obviously faster than wireless for the NAS to router connection and also for home server. Cat6 cable will be future proof choice for you as most of Telephone Service Providers recommended it.The main problem is that wireless is HALF-DUPLEX. IOW, whenever any wireless client is talking to the AP, all other clients have to WAIT, and that dramatically slows down your network when dealing w/ a wireless NAS (effectively cuts throughput in half). So even if the wired connection performed worse than wireless (e.g., 10Mbps), you’d probably still be better off using wire from the NAS to the router. The last thing you want when using wireless is to have both endpoints using the same wireless, at the same time. It will ALWAYS cut your throughput in half.

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    do you still have your router? what the model?
    you could buy wireless network cards for your computer and the server.
    also, depending on the model of you old router you used to use, you might be able to connect it wirelessly to your mom's router and connect your computer to your old router via network cables.

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