I feel a little dumb asking this question, but this rainy (NJ) weekend I finally got around to updating my old WEP security on my Actiontech (Verizon Fios) Router and my EnGenius ECB-350 AP.
Google searches indicated that WEP was old and no good, and that shared key was self defeating as it could help a skilled cracker.

So it seems that I needed to use WPA2-PSK (AES only so as not to loose speed) but I got stuck on using the passphrase or more correctly, how to generate the key for the wireless devices from the passphrase.

Did I miss something?

  1. Given I come up with an 8-63 character phrase and input that in passphrase for the AP, what next?
  2. Do I put the passphrase in for password for the device? Tried that once - didn't seem to work.
    1. Maybe it was a typo?
  3. How do I otherwise get the character string / password I need for the mobile device?
  4. I read that it continuously changes, how does the device know what to send.
  5. My manual goes on about Radius options but I read that that's mostly for offices.

Meanwhile, I'm using WPA-PSK since it let me assign my own password.

Point me in the correct direction please.