I apologize in advance if this is not the right sub-forum.

I just completed my first build and am encountering some issues with my connection.

Upon powering up my new build I installed my drivers/software and was going online to start downloading programs and updating to Windows 10. I was able to get two different wireless cards working effortlessly. I opened a link and began a download, my speed appeared normal but after about 6 megabytes i no longer had any down speed. I can still browse the web, some images dont load properly but it is usable. I tried various downloads multiple times and every time i encountered the same problem. I moved the PC so that i could hardwire it into the modem, that didn't help either.

I've tried to Google for a solution, which has led me to CCleaner and running various dns dump/ shell commands. I found an old thread where there were some suggestions to clear cache and delete temp files. They also mentioned that sometimes DSL connections can have a connection strength or frequency that is too high and it will cause a connection to choke out? I don't know how to check those settings.

Sorry for the scattered question, but im at an impasse atm. Willing to try anything at this point, any help would be greatly appreciated.