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    I recently posted here that I was having trouble sharing my ADSL connection, I couldnít solve the problem but now I found out that I was doing everything right so I contacted the company that provide me the service (Telefonica)and the guy sad that I couldnít do it because the ports for this were blocked, they have what they call the business version and this one is possible to share the connection but itís very expensive. I have to use a modem provided by them I cant have mine so I think they block it through the modem, the modem is Alcatel Speed Touch Pro and I have to use a program called win poet or PPPoE can someone help me to unblock the connection sharing option and there is one more thing Iím completely newbie

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    ok i dont know how much this will help you i doubt it will much. Where i live there is a company called Telus that provides the ADSL service. I use Cable so i dont know exacly.... this is how i set up Adsl on 2 computers at a friends house. I went to the store and got a linksys rounter hooked up both computers and the Adsl modem. Then i installed NetBEUI and ipx on both computers cause we wanted to play some lan games (quake3) at the time. Few hours later on i installed the softare that came with the ADSL modem and typed in the pass and login, i did the same on the other pc and every thing works fine to this day. The company provides the ADSL may work differently then yours as internet is fairly cheap were i live. At home where i use cable with 2 computers i just got a switch(cheaper) and asked my isp to activate my 2nd(free) ip address and that was preatty much it.

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