Belkin Busport Mobile USB pc card version 1: F5U022::Hi

I have purchased a Belin Usb Busport Pc card, version 1. I have a Compaq Armada 1550T. The Pcmica has 2 slots, one for type I and type II, and the other for type III. I have tried to install the card in the top slot. When i insert it in whilst win98se is loaded the computer finds the card, installs the pci card bridge and then half way through the installation of the pc card driver the internal speaker gives a double tone, one high another on lower and then the computer freezes. I have to take out the internal battery and disconnect the mains to crash the computer just to restart it.

I have rebooted in to windows98 se without the card being inserted and used the add hardware and manually installed the drivers needed, i found these out of the manual that came with the card.l this installed the pc card driver the pci driver was already installed when the computer crashed but the usb root hub was not installed. All these did not show up in the device manager under usb controller. I rebooted in to safe mode and then went to the device manager and then to USB controllers, in this was the pc card driver and also the pci driver but no usb hub.

i rebooted with the card inserted and half way through the boot up sequence a double beep occured and a total freeze followed. I rebooted but taking out all power supplies. I inserted the card intot the type III bottom slot. When entering windows it found the card, installed the pci bridge driver and then half way through the pc card driver installation it yet again gave out a double beep and a total freeze occured.

When the card isnt in the computer is fine. it supports 32 bit card. the pcmcia slots are working as i tested them with an ethernet card, the usb card is working as i tested it on a toshiba laptop. the usb card is compatable with this computer as i have checked with belkin.

any ideas??