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Thread: Problems setting up wireless Microsoft stuff

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    Okay heres my setup:
    1) Microsoft Wireless Basestation
    2) Microsoft PCI Ethernet Adapter
    3) Microsoft USB Wireless Adapter

    My main computer (XP) has the PCI card which is connected to my wireless router, and that router is connected to my modem. Upstairs (98) is connected to the USB adapter. All installations went perfect and the upstairs was able to detect the basestation fine, and the main computer can easily connect to the internet (wired PCI card).

    My problem is this: on the upstairs computer, the signal strength is strong and it finds the network fine. The main computer sees this other computer as one of the DHCP clients. However, when the upstairs trys to connect, it says "Cannont connect to network or internet," but yet the signal is fine.
    I have already replaced the USB adapter due to a suspicion of a faulty product, but it still doesnt work. Please help because this is really frustrating.

    -Paul T.

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    I have the same problem now and again, I believe its a DHCP fault.

    Instead manually assign an IP to each system and then set your router should have its own IP, set the default gateway and DNS to this IP.
    Cameron "Mr.Tweak" Wilmot
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