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Thread: questions for setup a ftp at lan network

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    hey guys!
    i tired to setup a ftp serve at school, but all the computers just cannt install any software and the ip is not the really one. showed like something.
    how can i disable the firewall before it gets into windows
    i also tired to get into the safe mode, but they disabled the hot key, F8 and F5 werent worked.

    how can i do to disable the firewall then i can install some software. i did try to copy the files from my pc to school pc. ( serv-u
    but i still need a software to force the serve opne a port like 21 for me. then allow other people can reach my pc!
    the point is that software named portunnel something( i forgot the name) must be install completely.
    pls help!
    any help would b appreciated!!!!

    p.s. btw, ne1 could give me some suggestions for how to setup a ftp at school ( LAN NETWORK)
    :geek: :cheers:

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    well that was a bit hard to read, but i got the jist of it:

    1. you can't install the software probably because you don't haev admin rights on the computers

    2. what firewall are we talking about?

    3. to open port 21, you just have to map it through the router that whoever is running (school or you?)

    4. this ftp, would it be accessed by other computers on the lan only? or would it be accessed from the net as well?

    5. LAN stands for Local Area Network, so when you say LAN network, you are saying Local Area Network Network, its like saying ATM machine.

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    Setting up an FTP server is not really Windows forum material. I'll shift this to the appropriate forum.

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