I finally got off my arse and setup my router properly this evening, with DHCP assigning IPs to both wired client computers as usual - and sharing the Internet through client computer #2 without too many hassles.

Anyways, when I tried to enable 128bit and 64bit WEP encryption on the router for client computer #3 (notebook with wireless LAN adapter) it will not assign itself through the routers DHCP system - instead it insisted on using dynamic IP, even if I went in and manually set the IP, default DNS and so forth - it would not connect to the network.

So for now I've disabled all encryption over my wireless network and the notebook connects through the DHCP system just fine @ its full 11mbs.

I have a feeling it has to do with MAC addressing, since the wireless LAN adapter in the router is a different brand to the one in the notebook - I heard somewhere you may run into issues using two different wireless LAN adapters.

So would adjusting the MAC address of the notebooks wireless LAN adapter to the exact same as the MAC address for the wireless LAN adapter in the router fix the problem? Or screw things up even more?